How to Participate



Get outside and start exploring biodiversity in your neighborhood!



Snap photos of the plants, animals, and fungi you see.



Create an account  and  upload your photos  to the Great Nature Project website. You can also upload photos on or using a mobile app from iNaturalist and add them to the Great Nature Project from within iNaturalist .



What type of organism you see? Perhaps all you know is it's a “flowering plant” or “fungus”-- that’s ok. Others can suggest identifications if your photos and description are clear enough. If you know exactly what it was-- great! Use the look up feature to find the species name or taxon.

Your photos will be added to the Great Nature Project photo stream and contribute to a global database of biodiversity. As a part of the project, you will be able to track your observations, get help identifying organisms, and connect with a community of nature lovers.

There is also an option to contribute only to the photo stream.